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2023: I’ll focus on IDPs, PWDs, others – Chikun ADC Rep candidate

by Inclusive News Network

Hauwa Abdullahi Gambo , the African Democratic Congress (ADC) candidate for the Federal House of Representatives seat, Chikun Kajuru Federal Constituency in Kaduna State, has assured that her focus would be on improving lives of the internally displaced persons (IDPs), people with disabilities (PWD) and teeming unemployed youth when she wins the election scheduled for next week.

Speaking in an interview after a campaign rally in her honour, the candidate said with the overwhelming support and goodwill being enjoyed from her people,she believed the people would vote for her massively during election.

“The people of this Constituency should expect an era of hard work,collectively working together to restore the security of our communities, to resettle the IDPs that have been displaced and to empower the women and the youth with skills, with educational opportunities and with business opportunities,” she said.

She explained ”I embarked on the rally because the people need to know who they are voting for. You know it is one thing to see a live face and another face on a poster. I specifically wanted the people to feel the connection with us, to understand that we are not here for jokes or for play…we really want to connect with them because we want to provide solutions to the problems affecting all of us.So we wanted to form a connection with the people to know us.”

On what she has for people with disability , she simply said ” inclusion. ” “I had a meeting with the association of people with disability in Chikun yesterday. People with disabilities are capable of doing everything you and I are capable of doing. The only problem is that the society fails to include them in some certain ways.For example a cripple cannot enter a tall building without an escalator that would take them up.And you know most of our tall buildings have no escalators A cripple that is poor cannot afford a wheelchair and they need a wheelchair to move around.”

“A deaf person requires hearing aid, a blind person requires braille education..That is inclusion. People with disabilities,they are not disabled.They are differently abled.That is why they are categorised as people with special needs.They only have needs that are different from.ours.If we understand that and provide the needs that they require,they are capable of adapting in the society and being useful not just to themselves but to everyone else,” she said.

“Of course I can say that come 25th of February which is exactly a week from now, I’m confident that we are going to carry the votes because not only am I the only female vying for this seat, but I am also the only new face vying for this seat.All the other faces vying for this seat, they have been very active in the polity in the past years. So I can categorically say that they have always been a part of the problem..But I on other hand, I am vying for this seat because I believe I am a part of the solution. So I believe I’m going to be successful on the 25th of February by God’s grace.”

“On Naira redesign, I’m not an Economist so I don’t know the implications of the redesign of the Naira.I only know that I’m suffering the lack of cash in my pocket just like any other Nigerian. I wish I have cash in my pocket because right now I want to buy things,” she said.

Earlier in his remarks, Chairman of the party in Kaduna State ,Hon.Ahmed Tijjani Mustapha called on the mammoth crowd of women and youth to come out enmasse during election and vote for Hauwa Abdullahi.

The Chairman extolled the virtues of Hauwa Abdullahi and assured constituents that they would enjoy quality representation in the House of Representatives by voting for the ADC candidate during the election.

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