Thankgod Ohaeri and Amarachi Nwokedi felt their way down the aisle at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Nkwelle, Awka on Saturday.

It was one of such weddings, especially with the way the occasion was jammed with 15 Catholic priests and government officials; and how the couple have no idea of what each other looked like, let alone their wedding guests.

Both are visually and impaired, but they found love.

Thankgod comes from Ohokobe Ndume Ibeku, Umuahia North Local Government Area, Abia State, while his wife Amarachi Nwokedi, is a native of Umunnebuogbu Okohia, Ihiala, Ihiala council area.

In an interview with the Anambra State Broadcasting Service, Thankgod, a lawyer, spoke about how he met his wife and how some people tried to discourage him from getting married.

“Today, I feel great walking down the aisle with my lovely wife. It was indeed ordained by God. By the grace of God I feel I have moved to the next level of life. I met my wife when I was a student. She was living close to my apartment and I was the one helping her. So from there, we fell in love and that’s what led to today’s occasion,” Thankgod said.

“There were many challenges, but with God on our side we have been scaling through. Though my wife is blind, she’s doing well. It is a thing of joy to be with her. When I said I want to marry, many people were against me, but as a man I know what I want and I went for it.

“I realized that there is ability in disability, that a person is blind doesn’t mean he/she can’t go to school. My wife is a civil servant and works in the Ministry of Education. So I wish we will continue in the mutual understanding we have built, because understanding matters so much in any marriage”, said the groom

On her part, the bride said she is so happy getting married to Thankgod.

“This is the best time of my life since I was born. Thanks be to God for achieving my dream. I was attracted to my husband because he is a God fearing person, nice and loving.”


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