Following the slow but cautious return to normalcy of the world from the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of the pandemic and some of the prevention measures like lockdown, can still be felt in the economic challenges faced by many individuals and businesses. For many Persons with Disabilities especially women with disabilities who largely supported themselves with proceeds from small scale businesses, the ability to bounce back has been a lot tougher than anticipated.

With the reality of the struggle, for many small businesses to bounce back. It therefore became imperative for FAECARE Foundation to focus efforts in providing some form of support to women with disabilities with cash and materials for their businesses to enable them continue or find their way back to the financial independence many had begun to enjoy.

With the support of amazing partners, FAECARE Foundation has provided support; cash support and income generating materials, for the businesses of over 25 (Twenty Five) women with disabilities to mitigate some of the lingering effects Post COVID-19 on their businesses.

The impact of this project is immediate as all businesses supported have been boosted and remain viable and open. These women with disabilities who are beneficiaries remain deeply grateful for the boost that has allowed them maintain financial freedom.


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