By Adewale Adeyanju, Lagos

To mark the international youth day celebrated across the world a couple months ago, Deaf Youth Impact Initiative (DYII), a Youth-centric organization aimed at sensitizing deaf youths on revolutionary trends in empowerment and innovation, organized an event to commemorate the day. Themed “Transforming The Food System, Youth Innovation For Human And Planetary Advancement”. The event, which held on 23 October, 2021 featured health and transformative talks, opportunities in Agribusiness, free medical check up and advice, amongst others.

Also included in the event were counsel by experts on topics ranging from being visionary to setting goals and achieving them; discovering and harnessing potentials to achieve a successful life.

Speaking at the event, Founder and President of the organization – Comrade Abayomi Salako enlightened Deaf youths on the need to make good plans for their present and future; maintain and keep their health in top condition, shun laziness, illicit sex and drugs trafficking, etc.

He enjoined the youths to engage in Agribusiness to combat unemployment, adding that government cannot handle everything alone. Salako further urged the youths to do their best in order to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

Another speaker at the event, Ms. Esther Ogunrotimi, a Deaf Agribusiness Entrepreneur, while delivering her presentation, outlined the various opportunities existing in the Agricultural sector and the various avenues by which they can be tapped.

Ms Ogunrotimi enjoined Deaf Youths to avail themselves of these opportunities through education and training.

Her words: “Knowledge is vital if we must tap opportunities and transform our society; knowledge of seedlings, planting and harvest; knowledge of mechanized farming etc, will help shape our mindset such that many youths will show interest in Agriculture. Further more, knowledge of climate change will help in our decision to come up with innovations that will help salvage and conserve planet Earth.”

Ms. Ogunrotimi observed that there is food scarcity and insecurity because not many youths are involved in Agriculture. She emphasized that Agribusiness offer youth a quick way to wealth and that they only need to tap into it.”

From another standpoint, Deaf Youths were advised to make health issues a priority. The subject of health was treated by Ms. Jolaosho Aminat.

According to her, health has been described as the most important gift to humanity and personal hygiene is therefore very vital in our daily lives.

Mrs. Jolaosho went on to list key areas of personal hygiene like regular bathing, toilet manners, cleanliness of the fingernails, teeth, hands etc.

She enjoined the audience to go for regular medical check-ups in the hospital. High point of the day was carrying out of free health tests on participants. The tests included blood pressure test, blood sugar level test, malaria test, etc.

Mr. Sejoro Ekundayo, CEO, Inclusive News Network, also spoke at the event. He encouraged the youths to be decisive and take bold steps towards their dreams. He talked about struggling through life as there is “No easy road to success”.
Sejoro’s message was corroborated by Mr. James Samuel – a renowned personality in the Deaf Community.

Samuel who is CEO, SEAMS Consult – a Sign language interpretation and consulting company enjoined Deaf Youths to continue to push, as the sky is their limit.

The event saw hundreds of Deaf youths gather to showcase their creativity as they commemorate the International Youth Day. The day was made all the more lively by the high level talks designed to steer Deaf Youths to right paths in life.

Photos from the event:


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