By Cornelius Essen

After four years of its operations in the built industry, the National Assembly has put in place legislative arrangements aimed at reviewing the national building code to enable persons living with disability right of entry to public buildings.

The Chairman, House Committee on Disability, Miriam Onuoha, who revealed this at the engagement meeting on political participation of persons with disability in Abuja, said when the code is amended, it will guarantee accessibility for the group.

Onuoha regretted a situation where physically challenged people are not able to gain entry to ministries, departments and agencies of government because the builders did not make provisions for them.

On compliance, the lawmaker stressed that the Act mandated the inclusion of this group in the programmes and policies of government, adding, “We’ve addressed the Governors Forum on the need for the domestication in the states.”

Another speaker, Daniel Onwe, a lawyer, urged Nigerians to take the group into consideration when constructing estates and offices since they are the products of the society.

Executive Secretary, National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, James Lado, emphasisied that a good number of them cannot access many public buildings.

“Our disability does not mean failure. We are intelligent. Our group should be given five per cent inclusion in all aspects of governance so that we can check compliance of the Act and bring offenders to book,” Lado said.

He therefore commended The Albino Foundation for organising the meeting to articulate their position on issues surrounding national building code and participation in electoral processes, and hold public office in the country.


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