Newly elected Secretary to the World Federation of the Deaf, Youth Section (WFDYS), Douglas Izuu has said one of his plans is to get more African countries registered under the WFDYS and make them Youth Ordinary Members (YOM) of the section.

The youthful Nigerian, who is first from the country to be elected into the position disclosed this in an interview with our correspondent.

Izuu says he plans to get himself familiarized with WFDYS’ activities along with what is expected of him while promising to work closely with the President.

An undergraduate student of the University of Ilorin, the new WFDYS secretary is still in his primes. He expressed joy being among those advocating for the human rights of deaf people and thanked everyone who contributed to his victory.

When asked any word for Africans who are probably too afraid to try a position in WFDYS. Izuu said “It’s true when we talk of leadership, many will hide their faces. They will think of their imperfections. Some will be afraid to show up and make attempts. While these reactions are understandable from a human angle, there’s the need to step out of negativities and flow in the pool of optimism. Our people need to rise up and assume leadership positions at some levels so they can get requisite experience for the future. This is key to overcoming the fears of taking up challenges of bigger leadership positions later.”

Izuu urged Nigerian youths to grab opportunities whenever it comes their way. Register for any workshop that will bring life-changing experiences. “Aim high and embrace optimism. Keep moving with momentum.”

“I plan to get myself familiarised with WFDYS activities and what is expected of me – working closely with the President. I will also get some African countries registered under WFDYS as Youth Ordinary Members (YOM).”


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