The organizers and producers of World Humanitarian Awards ( WHA) and Ability in Disability (AID) Talents Hunt Show , The Miss Health Foundation , has said in a press conference and its official channel that the foundation will be conferring on Significant personalities in the society who have contributed to humanitarian strides , International Mentorship Award (IMA) for 2021 .

The international mentors award organized by Miss Health Foundation is an Avenue to recognize mentors in the society ; it aims to celebrate and honor mentors whose commitment, sacrifice, resilience and lifestyle have impacted and transformed lives of the youth .

The executive director of Miss Health Foundation, AMB. Nick Bebiem, While speaking to Newsmen about the event , said that the award is an avenue to recognize significant personality, from various field of endeavors that have contributed immensely to developmental strides in the society and hence the need to encourage them to do more .

“It’s only proper that Individuals in various field of endeavors out there that has given back to the society in there own little way and impacted in lives be recognized and celebrated. This award is to encourage there humanitarian gestures and also encourage others to follow in there footstep” AMB. Nick Bebiem stated.

The international Mentorship Award is aim at celebrating both local and international personalities of interest .


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