Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA) has announced plans to increase awareness campaigns for effective implementation of the Lagos State Special people’s Law (LSSPL). This, it plans to do by effecting empowerment grants supported by the Lagos State Government for Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), Civil Society Organizations, and Associations of Persons with Disabilities. The grant aims at engaging the beneficiaries to participate in the kind of advocacy that will effect paradigm shift in discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, PWDs, in Lagos State.

The General Manager, Oluwadamilare Ogundairo disclosed this when a team from Inclusive News Network (INN) paid courtesy visit to his office in search of partnership.

Ogundairo appreciated INN for it’s efforts and resilience in advocating for the betterment of PWDs. He urged INN to be focused in its activities and not give up.

He said “At LASODA, we will be glad to work with you because there are very few organizations that focus on PwDs, even at that, no online media outlet have done what you are doing today. Besides, many of them even purposely avoid LASODA in news reporting. We, at LASODA appreciate you and look forward to collaborating with you in the spirit of togetherness.

Dairo added that since he was appointed LASODA General Manager in November 2020, the office has had strategic plans put in place for 2021 calendar year. He referred to the plan as the “New LASODA”. Mr. Dairo further explained that 2021 strategic plans are the changes you should expect from the office. He handed over a copy of the 2021 strategic plans to INN CEO, Sejoro Ekundayo.


Speaking further, the General Manager said ‘we are waiting for approval by the State government’ to carry out empowerment programs. He said this year will be different as the office will create window of opportunities for NGOs, CSOs, Clusters of disability to apply for grant which will be divided into three categories; 200k-1.5m, 1.5m-3.5m, 3.5m-5m.

The general manager charged INN and other OPDs to apply for any of the grants, adding LASODA can’t do the advocacy alone. ‘We need support from fellow advocates within Lagos’. While expressing optimism that the plans can be achieved, Dairo urged Persons with Disabilities to be part of the grant.

“We want to create opportunities to assist them.” He said.

He also urged Persons with Disabilities who felt aggrieved that LASODA has monopoly over allocations from the State government to be more reasonable with the argument that LASODA is trying to carry everyone along. Dairo insists that LASODA doesn’t allow a single organization power over allocations because it lacks the needed authorization to do that.


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