The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Kayode Fayemi on Disability Matters, Mr Tunde Ogunrinde has praised the Governor of the State for appointing a governing board for Ekiti State Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

He revealed his admiration for the Governor in an interview with Inclusive News Network after news of the appointment reached him on Monday.

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‘I want to thank Governor Fayemi for making good his promise to constitute a Governing board for the Office of Disability Affairs’, an elated Ogunrinde said.

Continuing, the SSA remarked that in the whole of South West Nigeria, only Lagos State has come close to what the Ekiti State Government has achieved in the Disability Community within the space of 2 years.”

“Osun, Ogun, and Ondo States do not even have a disability agency, not to talk of a PWD representative in the Government.”

Ogunrinde went on to urge Persons with Disabilities to be patient with the government as all their problems will be addressed through the newly constituted governing board.

Ekiti State Agency For Persons with Disabilities Chairman, Mr. Akin Obanise

The newly appointed governing board of the Ekiti State Agency for Persons with Disabilities are: Chairman – Akin Obanise (Physically challenged), members include: Adetuase Emmanuel (blind), Mr Ogunbiyi Azeez (Person With Albinism), Mrs Bukola Fakunle (Deaf).


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