There’s a basic, nagging fear in the hearts of people with disabilities, a researcher asserted. We may be liable to live a half-full life. But what exactly does that mean? I’m going to paraphrase further: Individuals and children with disabilities are prone to under-realizing our full potentials as a consequence of impairments posed by handicaps or disabilities in one or two organs of the body.

Of course, the attitude of members of society toward the disability community can be highly discouraging and can play a significant role in undermining our capacity for full mobility.

Yet, I’m adamant that our future as PWDs can be determined by our internal beliefs and mindset, rather than the opinions or the negative attitude of others or otherwise the policies of the government.

There are a great number of highly successful people with disabilities around the world!

But they had to do a constant “self-overhaul”. They expose(d) their minds to great beliefs. Helen Keller, Dean Khadijat Rashid, Andrew Forster, Ray Charles, and Nigerian deaf academic Paul Mba consistently and conscientiously look(ed) inwards, and over time– become much, much better persons going forward.

We can do the same, as well. The dynamics can change for us, with just a slight change in attitude. we can be self-armed with “psychological equipment and machinery” to compete with fairness, to determine our own destiny in inclusive communities and societies around the world.

Now, talent is never enough. Ever. You might have all the solid knowledge in the world, yet be unable to be your very best. You need a certain amount of personality traits or basic attitudes and understandings that let you project yourself out into the world.

We need a new set of thinking to let ourselves be seen and heard despite the inherent amount of institutional and functional challenges that confront us as people with disabilities.

It’s been an unpredictable era, and one needn’t be a rocket scientist to be an economic winner. We can, as an individual with disabilities, realize our total potentials and participate effectively in world socioeconomic activities. We can access economic opportunities, educational opportunities, and cultural opportunities that make us become prosperous persons.

In President Obama’s voice, yes, we can! We can do this with a little shift in attitude.

The key to economic survival, the key to political survival (we are all political animals), the key to spiritual and psychosocial survival is for us to continually make improvements in our lives. The key is self-reinvention.

The key is self-analysis. The key is self-renovation. The key is self-restructure. The key is self-retrofit.

  1. Self-analysis. People who conduct regular analysis of themselves are far better persons personally and professionally, researchers in the field of psychology revealed. You need a good amount of knowledge about yourself. What drives you? What motivates you? What sparks your imagination? Are you often intrinsically motivated or otherwise? What do you constantly imagine about the future? What kind of person are you and the kind of person do you want to be like? Always do a self-reflection. Look back and self-investigate—after every key event that takes in your life. Think and develop a healthy sense of yourself. That’s one key to greatness.
  2. Self-criticism. A great writer once said, “You should be your own greatest critic.” I like people who laugh at themselves when they do silly things. I do it all the time. Don’t hide it. let yourself be seen. Show your vulnerability. Tell yourself you’re wrong and ridiculous—if you truly are. Be honest with yourself at all times. Successful people are people who self-evaluate and criticize themselves fairly. Then they go on and make changes and become better persons. That’s the second key to a successful life.
  3. Self-renovation. Self-renovation emanates following self-appraisal and self-criticism. If you consistently conduct an honest evaluation of yourself, in terms of what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how might you manage these to make you able to be effective, you are going to become much overtime. It’s important to get better in every area of your life—albeit this is something that can happen after self-analysis and self-criticism.
  4. Self-restructure. Restructure is more intense than renovation. Renovation is a prelude to restructure. Self-renovation is making yourself new again, to bringing yourself back to a former better state by means of maintenances, revamp, or remodeling. Self-restructure is all that, plus a little bit of reinforcement.
  5. Self-retrofit. This is the final phase. See self-retrofit as the application stage. This is the stage where we become a totally new person. Self-retrofit is modifying our person with new parts, fitting and equipping the core of our being with long-cultivated components or devices that were not available when we launched in the very beginning. In this final stage, we have become a totally different person- beaming with inner aura, sashaying with incredible integrity, and shining bright our God-given, sparking potentials that let us participate in the co-creation of the universe.
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Adegoke, Raji (Raji Ade Oba) is a visionary Deaf writer and scholar. Naturally a people person, his philosophy is grounded on the belief that everyone has immense worth and capabilities, and in that light, we should all possess full proof of our purpose and existence. Apart from being a scholarly writer, Mr. Raj also writes liberally on leadership, communications, personal/corporate development strategies, and mental health across various settings. With a knack for telling nerve-striking stories that reach our hearts, the rising author brings personal experiences of himself and persons’ to create writings that throw us into immediacy and allow us to pause for reflection as we marvel at our own earthiness, and just how do we fit in the larger scheme. Raji Ade Oba simply challenges us to aim for the top. He can be reached at +234 8188883329



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