Joshua Beckford, globally acclaimed as one of the most brilliant boys in the world and one of Britain’s best brain, has now been listed in the top 30 most remarkable people in the world with Autism who have impacted on society. Beckford is the youngest ever to attend Oxford University at age 6 and to perform complex surgeries on a Surgery Simulator.

Joshua Beckford has never been the typical child. At two years old, he quickly mastered reading fluently using phonics and was speaking Japanese by the age of three. At the age of six he became the youngest person in the world to study Philosophy and History at the prestigious University of Oxford in England, gaining a distinction in both subjects.

In 2011, his father wanted to challenge his son, so he wrote to the university to see if he could participate in a philosophy course for bright children between the age of eight and thirteen. They agreed, and Joshua was the youngest student ever accepted. He even passed with distinction.

So, what does a super scholar study? Joshua excels at science, math, history, foreign languages and history. He dreams of being a neurosurgeon and is well on his way by practicing gall bladder removals and appendectomy procedures.

“Since the age of four, I was on my dad’s laptop and it had a body simulator where I would pull out organs. I want to save the earth. I want to change the world and change people’s ideas to doing the right things about earth.”

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Beckford was too advanced for a standard curriculum, so he was forced to be home-schooled. Throughout his studies, he has taken an interest in Egypt and is working on a children’s book about the historic nation.

When he isn’t studying and achieving more than many adults, Joshua also serves as the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority (BME) campaign. Diagnosed with high functioning autism, Joshua helps to spread the campaign’s mission of highlighting obstacles Blacks face when trying to obtain access to necessary autism support and services.

Joshua has been appointed Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN) Low Income Families Education (L.I.F.E) Support Ambassador for Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and the United Kingdom [UK]. BMAN Low Income Families Education (LIFE) Support was established to create educational opportunities for children from low income families so that they have hope of positively contributing to a thriving society.

“I am pleased to be given the opportunity to work in partnership with BMAN LIFE to help inspire and provide educational opportunities for children in Africa to prepare for a bright future for the continent in the 21st Century,” says Joshua.

Joshua will hold a live mentoring session with teenagers and his father, Knox Daniel, will facilitate a mentoring session with parents at the Father And Son Together [FAST] initiative event in Nigeria in August 2019.

In 2017 Joshua won the Positive Role model award for his age at the National Diversity Awards, which celebrates the excellent achievements of grass- root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work across the UK.


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