Since the year 2013, ‘PURPLE’, FAECARE Foundation’s children’s charity concert has been an annual event created to serve as a platform for children to showcase their talents and interact with one another, regardless of differences in background, physical or mental abilities, via games, educational activities, talent displays among others.

This year, 2021, children within and outside Port Harcourt eagerly awaited the day of the event since the date was fixed. Their excitement was palpable and understandable considering the fact that the event could not hold the previous year, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that was enforced following the outbreak. In order to ensure a fun, but safe, event, COVID-19 safety measures such as handwashing and use of hand sanitizer were installed and adhered to.

Over two thousand (2000) children (excluding adults), 15 orphanges, children with and without disabilities were present at the event. In addition, over 40 teens and 60 youths were engaged as volunteers, with roles and responsibilities assigned to them. It was an opportunity of growth and development for all involved.

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Fun learning at its best, public speaking, dance, music and games as well as volunteering opportunities for teens made up the program of the event. There was also a lot of refreshments – food, snacks, sweets – as well as prizes for the talent show. Educational supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc were provided for 1500 children.

The group firmly believe that it is the right of every child to play and also learn through this medium and said “it is our honour at FAECARE Foundation to provide the platform for such expression.”

PURPLE is indeed for children and by children with the ultimate goal of ensuring inclusion for all children, hence, our motto: NO CHILD LEFT OUT


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