The Lagos State Government has promised to create a 2 ways communications between Lagos State Office For Disability Affairs( LASODA) and the Parents of Children with Special Needs to care better soon in all Lagos designated clusters.

The Commissioner for the Ministry of Youths and Social Development, Mr. Segun Dawodu disclosed this on Saturday during the sensitization programme held at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium,Alausa Secretariat ikeja,that it was organised for Lagos parents to reduce their stress and difficulties experienced on the children with special needs by the Lagos State Office for Disabity Affairs on the Theme chosen as” Strengthening the parents of children with special needs to care better” in terms of reaching out to parents who are not aware of government efforts to continue sensitization to assist the parents financially while under the government care.

The Commissioner,Mr. Dawodu expressed that the children require more assistance of 24 hours on protection with various economic aspect of taking care of the children as they have economic independence.

He said that government understood that most of the children might be aggressive and unruly in bringing them up by the parents and why they behaved like that the LASODA has experts who understand their various needs as well as ready to work with the parents with their own data so as to enhance them with other knowledge from psychological issues on how to get personally included and teach them also to manage their finances for a better care.

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The General Manager for LASODA,Mr. Dairo Oluwadamilare said Lagos has held a lot of empowerment programmes for parents to leave no children behind and has planned to increase the number of schools in the state to improving quality teachings and medical facilities.

He stated further that LASODA has provided a lot to cater for their children through the WAPA Training centres across the state with special needs children to get enrolled in these schools so as to learn various teachings or skills to increase their abilities to earn more and be self reliance.

The Facilitator,Mrs Amodu Temitope spoke on the the theme of the programme by encouraging the parents to mind not being ridiculed at home but should give room for the children with special needs to socialise with their friends without being tamed and locked up inside the room for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in their lives.

She urged the parents to transfer their technological knowledge to their children at home through the use of Android Telephone,Ludo Game,Television,Balloon and bubbles.

The second Speaker,Mr. Ernest Iheanacho said it is important for parents to look for the opportunities around them in order to make additional money to take care of their children because salaries are never enough.


  1. I just want you to help me about my two deaf daughters her education fees and boarding too. Because we have no job over 18 years ago till now. So the school is assuming now while my children at home.


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