Rasak Adekoya, an award winner at the 2nd annual Royal African Young Leadership Forum has led the charge on the need to groom more champions among Persons with Disabilities.

He disclosed this in an interview with Inclusive News Network, INN after being named among 100 most outstanding youth at the Royal African Young Leadership Forum.

Adekoya, who is blind, is a co-founder of Africa Volunteering week, 360Connect and Speaker of the Nigeria People’s Disability Parliament. He noted “there is more work to do in the disability ecosystem. There is need to build more champions, mentor more young Persons with Disabilities, and create the right platform and opportunities for them to thrive. We need to improve our advocacy for disability rights such that we can more easily impact on the lives of men and women with disabilities not for ourselves.

Asked how he came to be among the selected outstanding youths, Adekoya said, “First, I was unknown to the Ooni, and neither do I know any of his staff. I think His Royal Majesty has a team who scout for youths doing amazing works, browse their profile, investigate their background and make a nomination list which is given to Ooni. They then decide with the executive board of the leadership forum.

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He encouraged critics to continue to criticize him and his works as their activities have helped him learn and improve.

“Success begets success. I am not a perfect being. Continue to criticize me and my work. Through your corrections, I learn and improve. Second, let’s support one another. When you go out there to solve other people’s problem, your problem also get solved. We rise by elevating others. As for me, I will continue to value my fans.

“I sincerely appreciate the Ooni and his team for ensuring the award is inclusive of people with disabilities and for commending the efforts of the youth. I pray his Royal Majesty and the Royal African Young Leadership Forum team live long and soar to greater heights”, an elated Adekoya enthused.

Coincidentally, Rasak’s younger sister, Radijat Adekoya was also awarded as most industrious student on campus at her graduation.


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