Dr. Irene Patrick Ogbogu has called for active inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the planning and decision making processes on Gender Based Violence, GBV policies to enhance possibilities of the policies and programs being tailored to fit their needs.

The call was made at an event organized to commemorate the International Day of the Mid-wife and to kick off the Orange the World Campaign.

At a high level panel discussion on access to services for GBV Survivors in Nigeria Dr. Patrick Ogbogu spoke on how Persons with disabilities are often denied access to SGBV services due to discrimination and stigmatization.

She also highlighted how women with disabilities find it difficult to report the forms of violence they faced. She thus emphasized the need for Persons With Disabilities to be part of the planning and decision making processes as such will improve chances of them having a say on ways policies and programs can be tailored to fit their needs.



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