Dayyabu Tanimu Azare, Bauchi

As Muslims mark start of the holy month of Ramadan, charities and relief organizations are ensuring their generosities make a difference to People with Disabilities and those living in poverty and other emergencies.

Yesterday, Dr. Musa Babayo Foundation donated #5,000 to persons with disability in Katagum Local Government of Bauchi State – thus putting cheer on their faces during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Secretary of the foundation Malam Bakari Uba said “this donation was done for the sake of Allah, to maintain cordial relationships and to put smiles on the faces of people with disabilities in the month of Ramadan.”

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Bakari noted that some 1342 PWDs have benefitted from this aid distribution. “Our Ramadan operations aid will be continuously, Insha Allah”

The beneficiaries included 520 visually impaired, 512 persons with physical Disabilities, 200 Deaf persons and 101 leprosy victims.

The various disability clusters thanked Dr. Musa Babayo and prayed that Almighty Allah bless him abundantly.

“Truly this is always your priority. We also pray to continue work together toward an inclusive society and to achieve outstanding results despite the current economic hardships around the world”, they said.


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