Prince Emmanuel Benson

By Mobola Sadiq

Gospel artiste, Emmanuel Benson, has stated some music producers and marketers refused to work with him because of his disability.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Benson said, “One of the challenges I would never forget was in 2001 when I wanted to produce my first album and I was looking for a studio to produce it for me. Many of the big studios then were not ready to record my album because of the way I talked and my disability. That was until I was invited for a programme at Excellence Hotel, Ogba Lagos. After my performance on stage, a producer approached me and asked for the album that contained the song I had just performed. I told him I didn’t have any album and was looking for a studio to produce it.

“He then gave me his business card, which felt like $1m to me. That was on a Saturday and he asked me to see him on Monday by 10 am. Meanwhile, by 7am on the appointed day, I was already in his studio. He told me how much it would cost to produce my album. I then started looking for money to release my first album. But right now, the major challenge I’m encountering is how to get a marketer to sell my albums. I have produced about five albums but there has been no marketer and promoter for them.”


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