Adamawa State, Lainde Village. The Police have arrested a political office seeker (names with-held) allegedly accused of repeated rape of a 88-year old Blind woman for rituals in his quest for political relevance.

The aged woman, Hellen Michael narrated the story to the visiting Voice of Disability Initiative team which came to advocate for an end to Gender Based Violence and to promote sexual and reproductive health rights of women with disabilities.

The man, it was alleged, used diabolical means on the victim. He was said to have inserted stones, broken bottles and other harmful objects into her private part as instructed for efficacy of the ritual.

Nemesis caught up with the perpetrator when he was apprehended by the police on his fourth attempt to commit the crime right there in the village. He is currently languishing in prison after the community members, together with security operatives gave him the beating of his life.

In a statement, the Executive Director of VDI stated that “Michael suffered serious health complications and had to undergo surgeries as a result of the series of rape”. The perpetrator is currently facing a life sentence.

“Mama’s story is not different from those of majority of women and young girls with disabilities in the society. Yesterday, we had support session for some of women and girls with disabilities and their stories were heartbreaking. So many are ravaged by STIs and other undisclosed ailments without the society speaking for them.” She lamanted.



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