BruderHilfe Social Development Initiative, a non-profit organization is repositioning through the launching of sustainable development projects aimed at meeting the growing social-economic needs of socially excluded members of the society such as People With Disability (PWDs), children and women in rural communities and other vulnerable members of the society.

“We are restructuring and repositioning our organisation to be sustainable and more responsive to the specific areas of needs of the less privilege. We are looking at starting with the empowerment of 50 individual PWDs and women in rural communities that we can easily monitor and evaluate after empowering them,” said Mrs Mary Oluwabamigbe Bruder, Executive Director of BruderHilfe Social Development Initiative.

BruderHilfe has expanded its social-economic intervention since 2017 to meet the needs of the less privilege especially those living in rural communities and urban slums. “From 2021 onward, we are embarking on training and retraining of our staff and volunteers to be well position and equipped with the knowledge on how to sustainably deployed programmes that can have lasting impact in the lives of our target beneficiaries such as the PWDs, Women and Children.”, Mrs Mary Oluwabamigbe Bruder emphasises.

Project Inclusive and Project Karakata will lead to several programs that were initially incubated under BruderHilfe past activities and will build upon existing efforts such as the distribution of Mobility Carts to Persons with Disabilities, renovation of Health Centres, Educational scholarships, etc. Project Inclusive will focuses on empowering and bringing out the ability in the disability of persons living with Disability (Project Distab) and other vulnerable members of the society, health interventions, and educational scholarships for children. While Project Karakata will focuses on economic empowerment and skill acquisitions for women and youth in rural communities who have little access to sustainable economic livelihood.

These projects will be producing programs, resources, research, and events to support the social, economic, educational, and moral development of the less privilege and excluded members of the society.

BruderHilfe Social Development Initiative work will revolve around education, women Empowerment and various Health interventions. “Through these projects we are keeping our foot on the gas pedal of sustainable NGO social-economic development advancement efforts, even as we weather the impacts of a global pandemic.

While we reveled in our past accomplishments, we will work to ensure that we will support our community intervention efforts to invest in themselves, become self-sustaining and to reach their full potentials. We believe that the success of interventions in years to come is dependent on our focus on the development of the human capital, culture, values, and narrative of the excluded and less privilege members of our society.” The Executive Director said. These projects will be funded through tax-deductible donations from individuals and corporate funding donors.


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