Fighting for their Rights to meaningful employment. Here, technical advisers to NCPWD Scribe, Barr. Iyodo and Mr. Haruna Tsafe addresses Disgruntled Employees/Applicants with disabilities. Promises of a round table discussion to settle the grievances were made.

The National Commission for Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD) has offered to work with employment seeking applicants with Disabilities to achieve the 5% employment slot reserved for Persons With Disabilities in Nigeria.

This was revealed in a statement signed by the chief press secretary of the NCPWD, Dooshima Pius-Ikerave.

Two Technical Advisers to the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities, Barr. Yusuf Iyodo and Mr. Haruna Tsafe were present at the office complex of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development on Thursday, 10th February 2021, to resolve a protest by the Association of employees and applicants with Disabilities claiming among others, 5 per cent employment rights according to Disability Act; and also demanding the presence of the Minister to address them on the going-ons at the NCPWD.

Addressing the protesting members on behalf of Executive Secretary of NCPWD, Barr. Iyodo, asserted that they are not wrong to fight for their rights. He however pointed out that the approach and channels being used are wrong.

He further explained that it was important to recourse to proper channels in making demands. According to the lawyer, the NCPWD is better positioned to take up and respond to the demands being made in this case.

Iyodo reiterated that in the spirit of proper coordination, all organizations or Association must, as a matter of propriety take recourse to an umbrella body, and/or ultimately, the NCPWD.

He frowned at the situation where individual organizations take to the streets, barricading public space in a quest to press home their demands.

He advised that any, and all grievances, particularly the case in view be channeled through the Executive Secretary, James Lalu, who has been given mandate and authority to ensure the welfare of over 28 million Persons with Disabilities.

Together with Mr Haruna Tsafe, Barr. Iyodo thanked the Association and promised to bring them to a round table for discussion with the Executive Secretary, Mr. James Lalu.


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