Participants at the Breast cancer awareness lecture held in Osun State last week to mark the World Cancer day. The event was well attended by members of the State's Deaf Association, including students.

Agatha Ugwu-Olaniyi, a deaf public health educator and social worker has expressed great concerns over poor access to health information faced by deaf persons as a result of communication barriers posed by deafness. This, she noted, is a major problem for deaf persons accessing proper healthcare services.

She said this during a cancer awareness event organised at Deaf Centre, Osogbo, in commemoration of this year’s World Cancer Day on February 4th. The event was themed: “Let’s Be Aware”.

Olaniyi, who is also a member of Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria, in a statement made available to our correspondent said: “This disheartening gap has negative effects, among which are misinformation and misconception about causes, treatment and prevention of diseases, negative attitude towards early detection of diseases, amongst others.”

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The event, which was well attended by deaf leaders, members and students in Osun State was aimed at sensitizing the Deaf community on the need to get informed, engage in routine self examination of the breast, seek professional advice on treatment of cancer, and other health related issues.

Mrs. Olaniyi noted that: “in breast cancer as with all illnesses, prevention is better than cure”. She highlighted the various types of cancer including breast, prostrate, ovarian and cervical cancers.

Participants were educated on the risk factors of cancer and also led through practical steps on routine self-examination of the breast.

“The sensitization campaign will be a continual process”, Olaniyi said


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