A lady with Disability who visited the National Assembly, Abuja has expressed disappointed at the attitudes of members of the upper chamber towards her disability.

Averahima Akighir, a Disability advocate and CEO of Aver Cake noted on social media that all she got was sympathy, “sorry” from these upper class people.

She insisted she doesn’t need sympathy but an inclusive society void of discrimination.

In her own words, “While on an advocacy visit to the National Assembly today, all I got was sympathy. People of upper class saying sorry to me… Hell noooo! I’m not passing through pain right now, I’m a proud survivor. Saying sorry won’t change the disability narratives in this country. What we ask for is an inclusive society void of discrimination”.

“I want to have access to good health care, road, employment, participate fully and contribute my quota to the growth of my country (Nigeria).

“Disability is beyond sympathy, I want to be included not pited,

“Disability is beyond charity, I want to be empowered not discriminated against.

“Say No to sympathy” Averahima enthused.

More photos from her advocacy visit:



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