Finalists of the on going MTN Yello Star hunt, a singing competition put together by number one communication network in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Jesse John, with the stage name Jesse Drumz is visually impaired!

In a chat with KFN, Jesse discussed his passion, how he lost his mother and sight.

Jesse who hails from Kaduna state opened up on what inspired him to go into music.

Read below;

“I was born in katsina state. I attended The school for the blind in Katsina before my family moved to Kaduna where i also attended Kaduna Special School for the blind”

On why he chose music, Jesse replied;

“I love to play instruments like d guitar, the drum, keyboard and i love to sing and one of my favourite sayings is “I am the music and the music is me”

On how he lost his sight, he replied;

“I lost my sight when i was little, i only depended on sound and voices to get by”.

His elder sister, Blessing John added; “We noticed he was always attracted to songs and sounds and as he got older he would pick sticks up to make sounds that’s how he fell in love with the art of music”.

Blessing further revealed that they lost their mother when Jesse was just 11 years old; “We lost our mum when Jesse was just 11 and it was devastating to him it affected him so badly but Jesse proved that he is a strong person so he lifts himself up and he used music as a means of therapy to get by the loss of his mum”.


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