By Sunkanmi Omodele

The Deaf Association in Ondo Town has begun plans to mark the end of 2020 with a grand end of year party.

Head of the Association, Mr. Raji Nuremi, during a meeting held on Monday, said a planning committee to be chaired by Mrs Mowa Akinbolaji, has been constituted to ensure the success of the celebration.

At the meeting, several ideas relating to the occasion was discussed, while 12pm, December 28 was chosen as the tentative date and time for the party.

Members present at the meeting agreed that each person will be required to pay N500 and above depending on how much they can afford, while all payment is expected to be made to the chairperson of the planning committee.

The planning committee is made up of seven members, who are expected to oversee the occasion and ensure that food, drinks and other needs required to entertain guests are procured. There will also be presentation of gifts and awards to all outstanding members who have made the association proud in the past.

“One of the members of the association, Bamidele Elijah, who spoke to our reporter said, “We need to come together to celebrate and thank God for sparing our lives from January till December. Many people have die, other are in the hospital, yet God bless us with good health and happiness.”

He also added that December celebration will present an opportunity for all members of the association to come together, share ideas, discuss, show love, meet new Deaf members and advice one another on the way forward for deaf development.



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