Image description: It's Aluta Continua! Up in peaceful protests, some youths bearing the Nigerian flag and banners press their demands for a better country. Unfortunately, this welcome development is being disrupted by notorious elements.

….wants compensations for Private Businesses owners affected by the Hijacks

President of the National Association of the Blind, Ishiyaku Adamu has stated that he wants hijackers of #EndSARS protests to be prosecuted over the violence they perpetrated. These include arsons, lootings, killings, and destruction of legitimate properties of fellow Nigerians. He also wants government to compensate those who lost their mean of livelihoods to hoodlums who were ravaging the streets of Lagos.

Adamu said in his statement that while peaceful protests were constitutional rights of every Nigerian, they were however obliged at same time to protest responsibly.

According to Adamu, ‚Äúthere is a limit to the exercise of freedom. When the nation’s Youth were on protests, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) also had their share of the bad experience with SARS. They had their bad time too. However, when things turned violent, nobody liked it.”

He reiterated that everyone is angry, PWDs particularly so as they were more or less most vulnerable among victims of the crisis. Everybody could run and leave PWDs unattended to during crisis. They find themselves in a very critical situation. No one is happy about that. It is condemnable, however, peaceful protest is encouraged in a democracy, what is discouraged is the use of violence and infringements on rights of others.

Going further, the NAB President explained that before one calls the Lekki shootings a “massacre”, one should rather wait for the Lagos State Government to investigate what actually happened and find out the people who hijacked, and turned violent the peaceful protests. The masterminds of the killings should be brought to book. Government should not allow things of this kind to go on. Anyone involved in this should be prosecuted so it serves as deterrent to others.

Adamu advised Government to compensate those whose properties were lost to hijackers, and that these hijackers face the consequences.

“Those whose properties are affected, government should try to compensate them. If government allow the hijackers go unpunished, it will encourage the same thing in the future. A lot of things need to be done. Peaceful protests on their own is fine but not the hijackings and violence. This must be investigated in any responsible country. No Government should allow this thing to go unchecked and unpunished.”

“They (Inspector General of Police and Mr. President) should try to do more. Communicating with the people as a leader is very important. Community policing should be highly encouraged so people will be carried along and be part of the policing efforts. The police should not isolate itself from the people it is serving. ”

“These protests are a blow out of issues that have accumulated over the last few years as seen in the last few days. The Inspector General of Police should accelerate efforts at reforming the police and Government should try to open efficient communication channels, meanwhile, blocking all means of propaganda and improve the economic aspect of the country.

“They should also try to create more employment opportunities. There are lot of things to be done because there are lots of factors behind the happenings. A multidimensional approach to the issues is imperative.


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