Image description: Another face and voice for Disabity rights, Dr. Okogwu. In this shoulder up snapshot, the big Dr makes a bold fashion statement. He sure got a winsome smile and commanding presence. The broad face is accentuated by the pair of glasses, he has his salt and pepper hair woven back, and rounds it off with a goatee beard for a coolly amusing fashion statement.

Dr. Chike Okogwu, Founder, CARE Nigeria, The Center For Ability, Rehabilitation and Empowerment in Nigeria, has urged senate to fast track the confirmation of members of the Disability Commission.

He said if done quickly, it will create about 10,000 jobs for people with disabilities.

In an interview with our correspondent, Okogwu commended President Buhari for setting up and establishingg the Disability Commission.

He called on senate to confirm members of the commission in order to fast track plans and avoid unnecessary protests that could pave way for hoodlums to hijack.

“It will only worsen matters if PWDs decide to start their version of “end hunger or #EndSARS protest”. While it can be vouched that such will be peaceful, there is however danger of it being hijacked by hoodlums.

He queried that “the hoodlums that are being recruited into this protest, are they not poor, uneducated people? There’s no educated, gainfully employed hoodlum. If you are educated and you have work to do, you will not be a hoodlum.”

Okogwu, a spinal cord injury victor, further advised Persons with Disabilities to give peace a chance while tasking government on creation of 10,000 jobs for Nigerians with disabilities through the commission.

“PWDs should give peace a chance, we have been patient all these while. We are not where we used to be, neither are we yet where we want to be. We are a work in progress. Let us keep going by giving government a chance.”

“When the Commission comes to set, over 10,000 jobs will be created. How? Every state will be compelled to have a wing of their own Commission.”

“So at state levels there will be 36 Commissions in all. That is quite a number to begin with. Then there’s the Local level, with 774 Local governments spread across the country, we would have created Disability Commissions at those levels too.

“If you multiply the numbers again, you will see that we will have created over 10,000 jobs for PWDs. By taking 10,000 PWDs off the poverty line and have done much good to the Buhari administration’s goal to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty.

“The Senate has to be up and doing by confirming the Persons With Disabilities’ Commission.”


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