Image description: Dr. Irene gives #EndSARS protests a tang of Disability Rights: Here, she's seated on a wheelchair holding in her right hand a pink and white placard. The placard carries advocacy messages for both the protests and Disability rights. In her left hand there is a white flag bearing the hashtag of the protests. Three guys are captured in the background, the one in middle holding a large Nigerian flag to signal patriotism.

Disability Rights Advocacy Center (DRAC) has joined the growing list of #EndSARS protesters in Abuja and some states in Nigeria to press for the vox pop demand for #PoliceReform and #GoodGovernance in Nigeria.

The group stormed the streets of Abuja to join the peaceful protests and distribute food packs and water to the #EndSARS protesters during the exercise.

The executive director, Dr. Irene Ojiugo Patrick-Ogbogu, in a statement shared on social media asserted that she has had her own share of harrowing experiences and run-ins with the now scrapped Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), as did some of her staff.

She also expressed pleasure at the immense sacrifices the young people are making to take back our country.

“Glad that our voices were heard and we will be counted among those who walked the streets and demanded for CHANGE.”

“Of course my protest experience wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t sneak in a few words about Disability Rights!”

“Unfortunately old age and creaky bones meant I had to leave early but I definitely had a blast and see more protests in the future.” She concluded.

Image description: A Cross section of a male and female protesters in jeans and T.shirts – wielding mini Nigeria flags. Other protesters are seen relaxing under the shade of trees in the background.
Image description: Not too old to join in protests for a better Nigeria. The big, plum Dr. Ojiugo Irene of DRAC shares a selfie with a dreadlock wearing guy from the comfort of a SUV. The dark casual top she’s spotting contrasts well with her light complexion, and those trendy sun shade glasses did well to accentuate her fine set of dentition as she smiles. The selfie was taken with both protesters holding up index and middle fingers in a “one love” gesture.


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