Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) has set up committee on Deaf Education to look into the loopholes and possible solutions to the Education of the Deaf children in Nigeria.

The group said the committee doesn’t have to limit their findings to Deaf people alone, that all stakeholders of deaf education can be part of the committee.

The group added that through the committee, a policy will be formed that the association will use to effect the Education of deaf children.

In an interview with Friends of the Deaf Foundation (FDF) on Live chat series titled “educating Deaf children” with the director, Funmi Ogunro on Sunday, the president-elect, Chidi Olujie said that the policy will help all Deaf children return to school free of any changes and parents will not have to worry about school fees.

“There is a law that states that there should be free Education for Deaf children. That means Deaf children can go to school free. All we need to do is to enforce a law to be implemented”

Olujie also lamented about the low number of schools for the Deaf in Nigeria. He gave instance of Abia State where there is no secondary school in the state, adding that plans are underway to ensure that each local governments in the state has Deaf school.

“We have Disability bill in Federal level so it should help all 36 states and the FCT to pass Disability bill in state level and when the bill at state level is passed, everybody will enjoy free Education in all 36 states of Nigeria. That’s why I said it’s gradual process, it’s not something to be done immediately,” he said.

He also promised to provide supportive resources to those who want to own a deaf school in Nigeria but asserted that the group will have to identify the problems of Deaf Education before solutions could be brought.

Olujie advised parents not to lose hope on their deaf children adding that family support is very important that will build better life for the children.

“Parents should always give their children full support no matter what. Don’t loss hope. When you keep supporting your children, investing in them. Something good will come out of them” he reaffirmed.


  1. I am happy to hear those the word that we will be free for school fee.
    God may bless our new president Chidi of NNAD.
    I want tell you one thing that we need be more education for the University School.because we have finished secondary school since. We have no money for enter the university.the parents shall not possible to pay us for University School.
    What shall you do for us.

  2. Its well done,Am so happy to hear from him. God bliss our new president Chidi of NNAD.I have two deaf daughters as we can’t financial them throughout


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