Image description: Meet Jane Obiene, the trending face of Disability in Abuja #EndSARS protests. The slender, light skinned lady on crutches is to march with other protesters. Jane is casually dressed and spots a pair of sunglasses. Black armless tops on blue skinny jeans with right hand raised in a clenched fist. A huge Nigerian flag forms the background and emblazoned therein in red letters, is the protest hashtag EndSARS.

As of Monday 19 October, donations raised by #EndSARS protesters has reached ₦ 7,553,675.00 for the young lady, Jane Obiene, who marched out with one limb to join in the protests against injustice done to Nigerians in Abuja.

The initial target was to raise ₦ 1,500,000 in 30 days. This was however exceeded in less than 3 hours on Sunday and has since incapacitated the donation link by Monday.

Obiene had reportedly been unemployed since 2013 because of her disability. She had joined hundreds of Abuja #EndSARS protesters hopping on crutches.

A twitter user, Akproko Doctor, @Aproko_Doctor who had called on people to donate to buy Obiene a prosthetic leg explained that the money will be used to buy both Jane Obiene and Charles Nnamani (another person with a physical disability) prosthesis legs.

He added that, though entitled to a 2% admin fee for handling the donations waived it on Sunday, so the money is available in full.

“Work has started for Jane and Charles. We are in touch with Jane’s hospital, seeking a reduced rate for her prosthesis.”

“Charles’s prosthesis will be handled by @Bayo_Ojelabi and his team, they will collect 0 naira for their labour”

He further stated that he will be traveling to Abuja with camera crew to get photos and videos during the fitting of Jane’s prosthesis for documents.


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