Presidential Candidate of the Nigeria National Association of the Deaf NNAD, Chidi Olujie asserted that if elected he will draw the attention of Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to promote the inclusion of Deaf people in television stations.

Speaking during an interactive session in a livevideo on Facebook titled ‘AskChidi,’ on Wednesday.

He stated “We will draw the attention of NBC on the need to promote Inclusion for Deaf people.”

“We will make sure the NBC provides close captioning in all television stations, so that the deaf can be included, speak their minds and feel the sense of belonging.”

“We will also draw the attention of the NCC to see how they can implement video phone (VP), with that you won’t have to depend on anyone to make calls, you can call by yourselves anywhere, in school, business, hospital and you will be given full information accessible”

“You know we have Deaf owned information organizations, like Inclusive News Network (INN) and Ability Plus TV. We will see how we can support them.”

“They are Deaf and are working hard to ensure we access information. They will be given support, information materials for them to spread more information”



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