Friends of the Deaf International Foundation (FDF) said Government should consider the Deaf-Blind children, whose academics is suffering and include them in the Educational policy.

Executive Director of FDF, Funmi Ogunro said this in an interview with Inclusive News Network, INN after a live chat with Funmi Ogunro organised by FDF on Sunday to mark Usher Syndrome Awareness Day.

She explained that the goal of the awareness was for advocacy, and to ensure such children learn, as they do in developed countries.

“Education is a right of every child. Government should support these children and make provisions for them in the Education policy, as Education is a right of every child” she said.

Explaining some facts about Usher Syndrome, Funmi Ogunro reiterated that over 400,000 people worldwide have Usher Syndrome and it is inherited, which means that it is passed from parents to their children through genes.

“A child must inherit two copies of the same Usher gene, one from each parent. Blood test can confirm diagnosis which we don’t have this yet in Nigeria”.

“Deaf-Blind children can be educated. Our Educational system doesn’t have facility to help them like developed countries, yet,” she said.

Highlighting the symptoms of Usher Syndrome, she said some symptoms are: Profound deafness in both ears from birth, Vision is affected and balance are three things Usher Syndrome affects.

According to her, there is no cure for it at the moment, but research is still ongoing.


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