…Appoints Yusuf lyodo As Technical Assistant

Peace has finally returned to the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) as the Board has upheld the election of Ekaete Judith Umoh as President of the Association to resolve the leadership tussle that has trailed the association since 2018.

This was part of the resolution and consensus agreement reached following the intervention of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, the Executive Secretary, National Commission for Persons with Disabilities and the JONAPWD Board.

The stakeholders affirmed the good spirited decisions of both Teams of Ekaete Judith Umoh and Barr. Yusuf Achenyo lyodo to embrace peace and work together to advance the cause of JONAPWD while reiterating that, in this ‘no victor no vanquished’ resolutions, parties on both sides are to be satisfactorily and productively engaged at various levels of interests and activities for the overall good of the members of JONAPWD.

To this end, the Board resolved that the election of November 16-17, 2018 which produced Ms. Ekaete Judith Umor as National President along with other Excos elected therein has been upheld.

The Board also affirmed that the term of office subsists from November 17, 2018 thereon and shall elapse on November 17, 2022, while also revealing that Barr. Yusuf Achenyo lyodo has been appointed to serve as Technical Assistant/Consultant on Project/Programs of the JONAPWD.

They also resolved that there should be no victimization of any kind to any members of the regardless of the side of the divide they were, adding that JONAPWD remains one united family and therefore enjoined all parties to join hands to move the association forward without rancor or acrimony.

The Board also noted that the Agreement reached has also climaxed the end of the crisis in the Association and as such all court cases are ceased and stand irrevocable.


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