The CLEEN Foundation with the support of the UK Government has formally launched a real-time documentation application known as “CLEEN Mobile.”

The application is a monitoring and documentation tool for Android phones with features that aid easy documentation of human rights violations, corruption, and conduct of security personnel in enforcement of Government’s directives.

It is designed to work with limited or poor internet connectivity in any part of the country. CLEEN Mobile is available on Google Play Store and will be used to observe the activities of security agents deployed for COVID-19 policing duties throughout the country, the conduct of security officers deployed for election security management in Edo and Ondo states and collection of data on other projects of CLEEN Foundation.

The Mobile application enables data collection through structured forms with capabilities of attaching photo, video, and audio files. All of the content and data stored in the application are encrypted. The data remain inaccessible unless the application is unlocked thereby providing several layers of security for users.

In the settings of the CLEEN Mobile application, users can activate “Verification Mode”. When activated, every time a user takes a photo or a video, or records audio, the application automatically captures metadata (data about the file). This metadata can be used to corroborate evidence, cross check with other facts known about the event or about the area where it was captured thereby limiting the upload and usage of fake pictures and videos on the platform.

The CLEEN Foundation (formerly known as Centre for Law Enforcement Education in Nigeria) was established in 1998 as a leading non-governmental organization to promote public safety, security, justice, research, and advocacy in Nigeria.

The Foundation has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights based in Banjul, The Gambia and was awarded the 2019 Human Rights Award by the National Human Rights Commission. CLEEN is currently the CSO representative on the Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee (ACJMC) charged with the responsibility of improving the administration of criminal justice in the country.


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