By Dayyabu Tanimu Azare

As the saying goes “The legacy of a man lives after him even though he is still alive”.

This is the motivation behind my writing this article to discuss the best legacy parents can give their deaf children.

Education is indeed the best legacy which may be formal or informal. It is the process of teaching and training aimed at improving knowledge and skills development.

Education is definitely important in the life of a deaf person, it leads them to have a wonderful life.

Parents who want their deaf children to be independent in thoughts in future has to give them good education not only from primary to secondary school but also enable them to attend a higher institution. Because education is the liberating force which can liberate the thinking process of deaf children and make them to be independent of other people’s thought.

Deaf children who has been educated will have their own independent ideas and thoughts which makes them relevant to their society.

The sure way parents can prepare for their deaf children for the challenges and problems they may likely to face in the future despite their disability is by giving them good education, apart from being capable of developing an independent thought process.

Any parents who wants a better future for their deaf children will not but give them good education because this will enable them to achieved their hidden potentials, secure jobs, occupy leadership positions, among many others.

Furthermore, parents who do not want their deaf children to depend on their properties after their death, will give them good education, for them to be able to manage whatever their parents leave behind for them and to be able to build on it, they must acquire education.

Education will allow them to be able to manage and even build on any inheritance left behind by their parents.

Parents who amasse material wealth without giving their deaf children education would see all they laboured go down the drain because no provision was made for sustainability.

Lastly, education gives deaf children great initiative and insight to a lot of things that will make them becomes great and successful in life.

Illiteracy is usually a limiting factor while education broadens one’s mind and enlarge one’s scope.

Therefore, parents who want their deaf children to be unlimited will give them quality education to soar among their peers.


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