Usman A. Nahuche is from Zamfara State. He was born on the 23rd April, 1961 to his father from Ubandawaki Nahuche ruling house and his mother from Emir of Bungudu family (Sarkin Fulani). He commenced his primary school education in 1967. Today, He holds the title of Sardauna Nahuche.

Alhaji Usman A. Nahuche as he is fondly called is currently the President of Nigerian Deaf Sports Federation. He is also a Board Member of the following associations: Joint National Association of People with Disabilities (JONAPWD), Deaf Teachers Association of Nigeria (DTAN) and Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD).
He holds the royal title of Sardauna Nahuche. He is a retired Permanent Secretary.

Meet Usman Nahuche as he shares his story to encourage others

In the year 1969, I became deaf due to cerebro spinal meningitis (CSM). After I was discharged from the hospital and I was strong enough to go out, I returned to my class as if nothing had happened.

My daddy, may Allah bless him and grant him Aljannat Firdausi, did everything he could to see me get back my hearing, including driving us all the way to UCH, Ibadan. When all efforts failed, he just told me to go on with my studies.

As at the time I lost my hearing, I was already speaking fluently. So, I began lip-reading. I have never used any hearing aid since I became deaf. Thanks to Allah, I had a very wonderful family and colleagues who understood my hearing problem. They always encouraged me. So, deafness did not bother me at all.

I completed my primary education and proceeded to secondary school. I had both my primary and secondary education in a regular school. I was the only deaf person throughout. Although, I got mocked by other students from time to time, but, it didn’t bother me.

Upon completion of my secondary education in 1978, I got employed by Sokoto State Nigeria Judiciary in 1979. I was posted to serve under the Area Courts Division as clerical assistant. In 1983, I proceeded to the United Kingdom where I studied for Certificate in Business Studies under Business and Technical Education Council. I returned home in 1984 after I completed the programme. By 1987, I was at Gallaudet University Washington DC where I bagged B.Sc. Degree in Accounting in 1991.

After graduation, I worked briefly with Group Health Association Inc, Washington DC as Account Clerk. I returned into the Nigeria workforce in 1992 and continued my career from where I stopped. By 2005, I had risen through ranks. I was appointed as Permanent Secretary in Zamfara State Civil Service, Nigeria. I headed various Ministries and Agencies up to the time I retired from the public service in September 2014 after serving for 35 years.

Since retiring from the public service, I have devoted myself to Disability Rights issues especially encouraging Deaf people to achieve their potentials.

I came to know about sign language when I went to the then Kwara State School for the Handicapped, Ilorin. I was there to sit for Gallaudet University aptitude test. That was many years after I had already completed my secondary school education.

I was really confused when I saw other deaf children communicating through sign language. From there, I developed interest in sign language.

Deafness is not the end of the world. People who are deaf should adapt to the situation Almighty Allah puts them. After all, there is ability in disability. Deaf people should not be discouraged in reaching their potentials. They should strive hard to succeed.


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