Maria Okese, the winner of 2019 Most Beautiful Deaf Girl In Nigeria (MBDGN) is now employed by Studio 24 in Abuja, a statement by the MBDGN Coordinator, Queen Janet Fasakin has revealed.

According to Fasakin, the beauty queen, who was declared winner of MBDGN on November, 1st 2019 is presently undergoing a one month intensive training at Studio 24 before she commences her appointment fully as a member of staff at the company.

Asked how she felt on hearing the good news, Queen Maria said, “I am happy about it, the journey has not be easy but thanks to God for those He used to bless me.

She added, “If not for God grace I won’t make it this way. Thank to MBDGN Coordinator, Queen Janet Fasakin who groomed me and helped me discover who I am, thanks to Mr Timothy Tinat of DRC who has been so supportive, I am grateful. Thank to Everyone for their support and prayers it’s God’s mercy so far”.

The good news came just after Maria Okese did a video advising on safety measures for Deaf people in Nigeria.

INN learnt that the video was shared as one of the safety measures by the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) to advise Deaf citizens in Nigeria on the use of facemask and other important safety measures.

Announcing the news, Coordinator of MBDGN and Miss Philanthropy Central African Queen, 2017, Queen Janet Fasakin in a statement sent to Inclusive News Network, INN said, “Good news from the office of Miss Deaf Nigeria. Our Miss Deaf Nigeria, Queen Maria Okese is now officially working with Studio 24 here at Abuja.”

L-R Queen Janet Fasakin with Queen Maria Okese and Studio 24 MD, Christopher Oputa

Queen Janet Fasakin who is also the founder of Abilityplus, Abilityplus initiative and an employee of NTA headquarters was at Studio 24 to meet with the Managing Director, Ifeanyi Christopher Oputa also MD/CEO Colvi Limited on Wednesday to show appreciation on behalf of the MBDGN team for his good gesture toward Queen Maria.

“Accommodation was also provided for her at the place of work. This calls for celebration.” Queen Janet said.

INN also learnt that the Vice President of Deaf Resources Centre (DRC) and President of Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria (ASLIN) Timothy Timat played an important role in ensuring Queen Maria secured the job at Studio 24.

Thanking Timothy Tinat for the role he played, Fasakin added, “Our special thanks to Mr Timothy Tinat the Vice President of Deaf Resources Centre, who has always had a passion for helping the Deaf community to have a sense of belonging.”

“Without him our queen won’t have gotten this job.”

“We at MBDGN say a big thank you for the special role you played to ensure our Queen gets this rare opportunity. God bless you and your family and send you helpers. Thank you.”

“Thank to CEO of MBDGN Dr Tolu Oko Igaire for Her motherly role”

“Let me use this opportunity to congratulate our gorgeous Queen Maria Okese. Congratulations dear,” Fasakin concluded


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