Furaha ya wanawake wajasiriamali kwa viziwi Tanzania (FUWAVITA) is Swahili language when translated to English means “the Tanzania Joy Women Entrepreneurship For The Deaf” has partnered with Global Voice to train 50 deaf women in Tanzania.

The training is geared towards increasing awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and preventive measures in the country.

Executive Director, Aneth Ishaya in a statement recieved by Inclusive News Network, INN spoke on the opportunity to partner with Global Voice to train Deaf women on awareness of COVID-19 pandemic and preventive measures.

“FUWAVITA is humbled again to work in partnership with Global Voice, to conduct a training on Awareness of Covid-19 Pandemic and how to avoid contracting the novel Covid-19 by Deaf Women,” she said.

The women were trained on making use of facemasks, soap and other equipment as preventive measures from contracting the virus, while they were given preventive equipment to use to cushion the effects of the virus.

“We know not all deaf women own smart phone to be able to access social media like Facebook and Instagram where information about Covid-19 is. So social distance meeting is the best way to train deaf women in person so that they can understand better.

“We used preventative equipments like masks, soap, sanitizer and bucket to train them on how to protect themselves using a socially-distanced meeting.

“Then instruments were given to every deaf women to use in their homes for practice”

Earlier, the group had trained 20 Deaf women in Dar es Salaam Region in Tanzania and had concluded plans to train 30 more Deaf women with the same techniques in Morogoro Region next week.

“We have already trained 20 women in Dar es Salaam Region and we are planning to train another 20 deaf women with the same techniques in Morogoro Regions next week”, Aneth affirmed.

She also called for more support to reach more Deaf women across Tanzania.

“We are still looking for more stakeholders to support FUWAVITA so that we can reach many more deaf women across Tanzania,” she said.

The Kinondoni District Commissioner was present at the event as Guest of Honour.


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