A group of applicants with disabilities under auspice of Association of Physically challenge applicants/ workers on Monday 4th, November, 2019 blocked the headquarters of National Universities Commission to demand the implementation of 5% percent employment slot for persons with disabilities.

INN learnt that the group have initially written a letter to the Executive Secretary of the Commission seeking audience to make a case for the implementation of 5% employment quota for the persons with disabilities whenever vacancy exist but request fell into deaf ears that necessitated their protest.

After blocking the gate for more than 30mins with even the DPO intervening, the Director, Public Affair Department Mr. Yakassi came and informed the group that they should come back on Wednesday by 11am to meet with the Executive Secretary.

This group has taken it upon themselves to take advocacy to all government agencies, meet with the head of the agencies to get their commitments towards implementation 5% employment quota as it stipulated in Part 4, article 29 of Discrimination against persons with disabilities (Prohibition) Act.


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