Deaf people are individuals with a beautiful sense of humour. That’s something extra special about the community. But in fact, if you want to relax after a hard day’s work; if you just want to laugh too much, ‘want to burn off steam, and have a really jovial time, look no further than a typical Deaf WhatsApp group.

Deaf people- in their wisdom, in their follies, in their wits, in their pains, in their pride, in their sense of exceptionality and accomplishments- they are going to make you laugh so hard you might trip off your seat or fall over.

We are talking about Deaf humours and absurdities that could make a drop of poo want to pop off your anus. Yet, these laughs might be so long and hard you might die.

To the hearing folks, Deaf people are incredibly fun to be with if you use the “right tools” to deal with them.

By my count, there are over three dozens of Deaf WhatsApp groups available as at the time of writing this comic article- each with its own missions. One Deaf WhatsApp group, called “Deaf Mind Forum”, headed by a wonderful lad, BMD, is like a fire-for-fire zone where powerful, explosive quotes and messages are running over every second from the Boss to the people and back again.

The Boss of DMF, I assume he just likes to “BOMB” ‘em because he has got pretty intelligent followers.

And, huh, well…in the next several hours, we are going to find ourselves in a couple of new deaf WhatsApp groups with no clear mission or vision- but a place where so much fun is had.

Ideally, for Deaf people, WhatsApp is our finest playground. It has been a beautiful medium of communication for us.

Now, should you find yourself voluntarily or involuntarily in a Deaf WhatsApp group, this hilarious article provides you with top ten different categories of deaf people that you’d encounter in a typical group.

We thought it would be a good idea if you knew your friends and neighbours. Wouldn’t it?

  1. The Highly Educated Ones. You would hardly hear much of this category of WhatsApp members. Apart from their superior age and experience, they are genuinely intelligent and hardly talk. But when they do talk, they say a few words and pray for, and encourage everyone else in the group.
  2. The Rich, Arrogant and the Self-seeking Ones. They are the biggest critics who always believe that everyone is talking about them in every article and content that’s in the group. They think they have the rightest sense about things, and would, without clarity and coherence, bamboozle their way into every event without applicable knowledge. This category is full of chaps with big talks and blustery- so big they sound like they could take down the internet because your post is, to them, probably offensive and/or not well-researched.
  3. The News Persons. For this category, it is all about news and information and events. Beyond this, they scarcely say anything else or engage. They are just happy to forward news and articles to groups without a word.
  4. The Just-readers. This set of people are in the group to read and see what everyone has to share. They don’t share. They don’t talk. They comment not. They don’t do anything. What they do is just be a good reader.
  5. The Bootlickers: These are superb flatterers. They would agree with everything and all things that their buddy has said. If their Oga writes the stupidest thing, they are to agree- no story. If their Oga takes a dump on a desk- real big shit- they are going to say, “yes, right, it is very right and true.” But behind this Oga, they would wish they could knock him down.
  6. The Deaf and deaf. This is a confused set of folks. They aren’t sure whether they are deaf or hard of hearing. Not sure whether they are Deaf or deaf. They continually confuse being deaf with being hard of hearing. And they wonder whether they are for the Deaf culture or they aren’t. They are always torn-apart. You will notice this in the type and nature of posts and opinions they put up.
  7. The Copy and Paste Ones. That’s it. They just copy off and paste over like Jell-O. This set of people doesn’t give a damn about the type or nature or suitability of news, ideas, or information. As long as it is words and/or drawings that people can see, off they go- they copy and forward to all groups. Soon, they would be kicked out. Nonetheless, they would be back albeit they don’t stop.
  8. The Needless Critics. This category of people is only inclined to disagree with every post they see in a group. They can criticize and argue nonstop without any coherence or agreeable closure. Ask them what’d they do if they had a chance to, hmnnn…nada.
  9. The I-Don’t-Care Ones. These folks, they are on a group, but they don’t read chat or opinions, neither do they chip in or make contributions of any type or size. On the group they are, it is muted and totally discarded so they aren’t bothered. Check their phones, what you see is over 800 unread messages continue to pile up day after day, week after week.
  10. The administrator who knows everyone by their name. These are tough admins, they would ask you annoying questions and interview you before you are added to a group- a group that most certainly has no clear objectives. Every member of their group has a birth name, occupation and of course house address on the contact of these admins. These are very dangerous administrators.

 The list is not done.

Now, add yours in the comment section below or message the writer:

Raji Ade Oba

08188883329 (WHATSAPP)


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