The Feed-the-Street group, led by its Co-ordinator, Nancy Ogbue, had on the February 14, Valentine day, last week embarked on a show of love to the needy and poor people around the streets of  Akwa in Anambra state, INN reports.

Miss Ogbue took to Facebook to recall her experience with a particular mentally challenged elderly woman. In her updated post on facebook which have been shared multiple times, she says, “We met a mentally challenged woman on our way, as I greeted and gave her food, she said ‘thank-you ‘ in a very lovely, tiny voice and showed me her left hand, She had whitlow but it was already healing, she complained of pains, I wish I had the capacity to get her proper medical attention. I tried touching but she withdrew, I ended  up telling her sorry repeatedly and that tiny voice kept saying ‘ooo‘. She was so peaceful….she was so calm…she could actually have a good conversation. She made my day. She was my val”

Extending her narrative about the show of love, she said, “We went to a part of the town where there was a large settlement of indigents. They occupied a lot of uncompleted buildings. Different languages, different tribes yet classified by lack. When I and Kingsley Chigozie Israel went to check this area out before the outreach, I was blown away. The next day when we came for the outreach, a plate of food given to one family automatically leads us to the next. They knew themselves more like a network of indigents”.

“These are the people government should target their skill acquisition programmes at. They need to find a sense of belonging, they need to contribute their quota to the society. They need to be productive.
14th February was amazing for us”, she concluded.


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