The Valentine bash for the People With Disabilities (PWDs) have come and gone,  but the aura and euphoria of  the event remains fresh. Our INN team you may recall have earlier broke the news of the then pending Valentine’s Day celebration with reigning Queen Philanthropy 2017 winner, Queen Janet.

Queen Janet celebrated PWDs on her platform, Ability in ‘This- Ability’. It was a compassionate and joyous moment seeing these cluster of persons celebrate at the event: Valentine outing with Queen Janny. If you used to think the Deaf cannot dance; well you are mistaken because they took to the dance floor to gyrate at the vibration of sounds blaring from the speakers.  They dance so well following the beats and vibrations from the music’s reverberation  on the ground. They are lovely sights to behold, it was fun spending quality time with them.

Below are photos, obtained by INN, of the heart warming event…


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