• In the Shadows is a disability-centered movie.
  • It depicts the violence against women and girls with disabilities
  • In fact, it is about a young woman who experienced sexual and emotional abuse for a decade in the men who look down disabled women


Irene Ojiugo Patrick,DRAC Executive Director, has introduced the movie  In The Shadows at the recent movie premiere produced by DRAC Nigeria, and support by Australia Aid

The story, as stated by DRAC, depicts, the insidious nature of Gender Based Violence when combined with the hitherto unrecognized Disability Based Violence.

It is the story of a young woman with a disability who faced sexual abuse for 10 years as a child and physical, emotional and psychological abuse as an adult.

Society perpetuated this abuse with their negative attitude and perceptions about disability, causing her to be vulnerable while living in the shadows…

What can she do? How will it end?

According to DRAC, the next screening of In The Shadows will be out soon.


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