Lois Auta has emerged the first African Young Global Leader with disability and the only Nigerian selected for 2017 Class award by the World Economic Forum. Lois who is from Kaduna state has placed Nigeria on the global map by being the only Nigerian that made the 2017 class award in Argentina recently. She is also the first person living with disability to be named Young Global Leader in Africa.
While fielding questions from journalists, Lois said: “it was amazing when I got to Argentina. I was the first young global leader with disability from Africa to receive the award. I was affected with polio at the age of two. I did not see that as a barrier to my future rather, a bridge to make my life more meanful,” she said
According to her, the collaboration and partnership she got with other disabled organizations will help to explore her opportunities the more.

Going further, Lois was full of gratitude to her family for believing in her and seeing beyond her predicament.
“I want to tell you that I am a university graduate, a CEO, a founder and social entrepreneur. I had warm handshakes with president Obama and president Buhari, vice president Yemi Osinbajo, Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Because of passion and power of innovation,” she said.
As polio survivor, she joined 99 other leaders below the age of 40 in Argentina where she was recognized globally as a world leader through the impact she is creating in Africa disability community.
Going further, the celebrated lady appealed to Nigerian public and the government to believe in people with disabilities.
“I want to also call on my colleagues to believe in themselves and work smarter to achieve their dreams,” she added.


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