Tola Foundation yesterday hold it’s first new year luncheon and seminar yesterday at Ala Ijebu, Ogun state themed: “grateful heart in tough times” with guest speaker, Taiwo Akangbe and Sule Akinwumi delivering lectures and external guests, Irene from Sweden teaches Swedish sign language with the help of Joseph Ameho and Mr. Dare Oguntade from USA all grace the occasion. 

According to Tola Odusanya Life Advancement Foundation. T. O. L. A. Foundations chairman, Dr. Tola Odusanya, “It’s impossible to completely enumerate our goals, objectives and history here. In short, however,  we aim to empower people through education,  job provisions,  scholarstics/ scholarship provisions. We sponsor sporting events, school quizzes, etc. We are still evolving and are looking for collaborative possibilities with other NGOs with similar aspirations. Stay and work with us as we gradually evolve.”
Dr. Tola also said “Those with vocational skills can volunteer to teach others while we provide little or no assistance. Of course,  we will acknowledge that we collaborate to make the event possible.” He also added “We invite those willing to collaborate and help others to grow to please please contact us and manifest their intentions.”

Photos from the event


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