A man who claims to be Deaf and can neither read, write nor sign approached deaf photographer Richard Ezekiel begging for alms. 

Out of curiosity, he engaged him in a very rough sign language and managed to understand. 
According to Richard, “i am assuming after my interraction with him, this is his only means of survival but he needs help”.
Richard asked him if he is aware of NNAD or the Abuja Association of the Deaf of which he respond negatively.
“I was at Zuba in Abuja on my way to Kaduna two mondays ago….. He came to me and instead of rubishing him I decided to engage him in a chat. You know if we want to really preach an inclusive environment it is time we start engaging this people at every opportunity to let them know they are human beings too. I don’t know his name as he can’t fingerspell so I gave him a tip and engage him in a very rough sign language and manage to understands that this is the only thing he does to survive and if he have a better alternative he would take it of course….”  Richard concluded.

Photo credit: Richard Ezekiel

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