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NWD tasks Women with Disabilities to commercialize acquired skills productively

by Sejoro Ekundayo

…trains 17 PWDs in Kaduna South

The Network of Women with Disabilities, in its efforts to empower persons with disabilities with productive skills, has urged women and girls with disabilities to commercialise the skills acquired into earning a living.

The group, while training 17 beneficiaries on tailoring and knitting, said it was aimed at cushioning the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, provide healthy lifestyle and livelihood support for women and girls with disabilities. The project is supported by Feminist Humanitarian Network (FHN) and Women in Humanitarian Response in Nigeria Initiative (WIHRINI).

Project manager, Tisan Samuel Bako, speaking to Inclusive News Network said, “the primary reason for organizing such training for PWDs in kaduna state is to empower PWDs with productive skills that they can use in engaging themselves positively in making livelihood easier.

“NWD knows and shares the plight of PWDs that’s why they saw the relevance of making such training attainable to PWDs in the state. With the skills learned during the training the participants can employ that into making good earnings for themselves. NWD knows how difficult it is for PWDs to engage themselves in skills acquisition training, but this was made possible with NWD partnering with WiHRiNI and FHN.”

Bako notes that the skills acquisition training would be of great assistance to PWDs in the state as it provides a platform where PWDs would be skillfully trained to engage themselves in earning a living if they commercialize the skills learned.

He observed that “PWDs obviously have challenges especially from this part of the world where the society is yet to accord equal rights to PWDs but thank God we are striving to making that attainable and visible. Some of these challenges include; inclusion in policy making, proper representation, securing govt. grants and benefits.

“NWD as an organization is working round the clock to see we bridge the gap and make the voice of PWDs in the state audible.”

The project manager encouraged PWDs to put the training into good use, adding that it would go a long way in providing a sustainable environment for them to earn money for themselves if they commercialize. And it would be of great delight to the sponsors and partners of this great program to see atleast 70% making profitable success out of it.

Bako charges government and NGO alike to share in the plights of PWDs.

“PWDs are special people who needs special care, the government should provide policies that would make positive impact in the lives of PWDs in the state and should also see the need to render assistance to PWDs.”

INN reports that the organisation has last week rounded up with the skills acquisition programme and will subsequently engage women and girls with disabilities in book and records keeping.


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